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Stephanie Lee

August 13-16, 2009



Stephanie Lee lives and works in Rogue River, Oregon as a mixed media and jewelry artist where for the past nine years she also has run her own wedding floral business.  Her artwork has been featured in galleries, private shows and multiple art publications.  She has her own book featuring her mixed media jewelry coming to bookstores in February 2008.

A modern day expeditioner, Stephanie practices her own version of archeology, scanning the terrain for intriguing bits and pieces that present themselves - or that are hiding but don't easily escape her grasp. Stephanie is most inspired by nature and it’s melodic effects on the  human spirit.  Her simple, yet organic, approach provides viewers with a thought-provoking, visual experience.  Passionate about repurposing everyday objects, she is committed to reinventing normal into something eclectic, expressive and spiritually transformational.