A Fort Collins, Colorado Art Boutique Featuring Workshops, Supplies and Eclectic Artwork.
A Fort Collins, Colorado Art Boutique Featuring Workshops, Supplies and Eclectic Artwork.

Altered Book Workshop w/ Cherri

… your collection, your theme & your colors!

Saturday, May 5, 2007 10a - 4p Price $35

This all day workshop provides you with design assistance for any book you have started, but might need a helping hand with collage or layout. OR, if you are a beginner, you can call the teacher first for three instructions to prepare your book to bring to the workshop,

and then jump right in. The teacher will bring her collection of altered books, and reference materials. You can pick any paper engineering technique & teacher will walk you through the steps. In addition, the teacher will show you how to create 6 different pop-ups and moving pieces to make your spreads interactive.

Altered Books are lots of fun, very few rules, and provides a forum where your uniqueness becomes your art!

Your Collection:

Pick a theme For example, angels, fruit, or sewing …

look for anything where you have similar images or stamps.

Pick a color Look for one piece of paper or one color medium that inspires you. Collect, collect, collect

1. Bring as many images/stamps as you have in your “theme” (anything from 4 to 20)

2. Bring 10-20 pieces of paper in your “color“ together with complimentary colors (paper should include solid color card stock & printed/patterned paper; vellum & mulberry paper are a plus)

3. Bring 2 pots of Lumiere acrylic paint to match your “color” (teacher will supply metallic & gold colors)

4. Bring embellishments (that pretty much means anything that you have collected that you want to use! Brads, charms, ribbon & fiber are always fun)

5. Bring “Cherri’s Class Toolbox” (see below). ###

Cherri’s Suggested Class Toolbox cutting mat, X-Acto knife or box cutter, metal or metal-edged 12“ ruler, bone folder, doubled-sided tape, red-liner super tacky tape (1/8” or 1/4”), UHU glue stick. Tape & glue are the student’s responsibility.

Bring, if you have: pencil, detail & larger scissors, black permanent ink pad, awl, tweezers, small make-up sponges, personal paper trimmer/cutter. Please bring as many of the items as you have; teacher brings a few to share. ###


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