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A Fort Collins, Colorado Art Boutique Featuring Workshops, Supplies and Eclectic Artwork.




Session 2 & 3

Exploration in Mixed Media w/ Cory Celaya

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Fri July 11- Sunday 13 th 10 am - 5 pm each day

This July Session will be held at :

402 N. College Fort Collins Workshop Space

This is the Second of the 3-day weekend workshop series which will be held every 4 months .

It is not required to take all 3 of the 3-day sessions in this series, but encouraged.


For the Second Session 3-day weekend 7/11- 7/13

Cost $275


Cost for the next 2 sessions (July & Nov) of 3-day workshops in each session: $500


For the Third Session 3-day weekend 11/14-16

Cost $250 by 10/24 or $275 by 10/24

This is an on going three day workshop will meet every four months. Each 3-day weekend can be taken separately and you will learn valuable information in each series. But to fully push your self to a new artistic level, It is suggested to take all of the series.

A learning experience for students of all levels who are ready to paint, experiment, and collage original works of art. Cory will leave you with a home assignment that you will bring with you to the July seminar. The first workshop is a must…you may start at any time, but, you will miss valuable information and demonstrations, may take a few sessions to catch up. You must attend all three days.

The curriculum will change with every seminar, though some processes will be repeated for learning purposes. The supply list will be long, but most of the items you probably already have. We will not use everything every time, but you will be glad you have it when you do need it. Box everything and set it aside. Cory will give you a heads up on the must haves for each session.

What you can expect from Cory:

• Lots of demonstrations

• Discussions on Art Fundamentals

• Basic use of materials

• Experimental techniques

• Texture and pattern making

• Color temperatures

• Line meet line drawing method

• Layering of transparent veils

• Transparent verses opaque

• When to use soft verses hard edges

• Large verses small patterns

• Geometric verses organic shapes

• Creating your own marks and symbols

• Quiet verses textural patterns

• Subject placement

• Wet and dry pouring methods

• The 5 elements of design

• Methods for evaluating your work in progress

• Lots of student teacher interaction

What Cory will expect from you:

• Lots of enthusiasm

• A real desire to learn

• Willing to take risks

• Note taking and questions

• Find time (you will have 4 months) to do the homework



*If you have dietary restrictions, you are welcome to bring your lunch. There is a refrigerator and microwave on the premises.

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