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Carla Sonheim Workshops

Imaginary Creatures w/ Carla Sonheim(11/5)

Junk Mail Artist Book w/ Carla Sonheim(11/6)

Watercolor Transfer Painting w/ Carla Sonheim (11/7)

Carla Sonheim is a “painter of girls, mother of boys” and keeps busy with galleries, shows, an online store and workshop teaching.

One of her students writes, “Carla just shines and is so gentle and generous that you will work hard all day and come out energised and inspired. Most importantly though, [her] class was a touchstone in my artistic journey, giving me the courage to stop resisting, and open myself to my creative voice.”

Carla has taught at ArtUnraveled, Artfest, and Art & Soul. Her forthcoming book, “Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun” is due out July 2010 (Quarry Books). She recently moved to Seattle, WA from Salida, Colorado.